Managing Directors

Image managing director Ralf Grönheit

Ralf Grönheit

Image managing director Holger Weigel

Holger Weigel

Image managing director Thorsten Seuren

Thorsten Seuren

Customer Support

Image field service Mathias Neubrand

Mathias Neubrand
field service

Image field service Nico Frass

Nico Frass
field service

Image office service Ulrike Grevelhörster

Ulrike Grevelhörster
office service

Image office service Rüdiger Mühlen

Rüdiger Mühlen
office service

Image office service Julia Zak

Julia Zak
office service

Image office service Nicolas Weigel

Nicolas Weigel
office service


Image administration management Ute Weigel

Ute Weigel
administration management

Image deputy head Kirstin Rarey

Kirstin Rarey
deputy head

Image administrative assistant Britta Kosock

Britta Kosock
administrative assistant

Image administrative assistant Petra Reif

Petra Reif
administrative assistant

IT & Marketing

Image IT & controlling Robert Zey

Robert Zey
IT & controlling

Image management assistant Michael Müller

Michael Müller
management assistant

Warehouse & dispatch department

Image management Mike Stief

Mike Stief

Image management Patrick Poschmann

Patrick Poschmann

Image trainee Eddy Felis

Eddy Felis

building protection

Image watchdog Fina


“I have to constantly keep the employees in a good mood.
I like to run through all the offices and let me spoil. I also love long walks!”