1-ply paper dunnage bags with flat valve

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Paper dunnage bags by Grönheit & Weigel protect your freight from slipping and falling down or over. They provide optimal load securing in shipping by train, ship or truck.

The outer skin of this dunnage bag consists of semi-extensible kraft paper, provided in different strengths for different types of load. The air-filled inner bag is made from coextruded polypropylene (PE) ensuring density even when pressurized. The self-closing valve designed by G & W ensures easy and safe filling of the bag.

To fill this dunnage bags of Grönheit & Weigel, we offer the filling devices I800 and I900.

The following dunnage bags are available with flat valve:

Article number Dimension Stock
0100001 60 x 90 cm 448  piece
0100002 90 x 150 cm 280  piece
0100005 90 x 225 cm 200  piece
0100006 120 x 225 cm 131  piece

  • Technical specifications

    Our sales 1-ply paper dunnage bags Light are available in the following dimensions with flat valve.


    •   60 cm x   90 cm
    •   90 cm x 120 cm
    •   90 cm x 150 cm
    •   90 cm x 180 cm
    •   90 cm x 225 cm
    • 120 cm x 225 cm


    Paper layers Fields of application Recommended operating pressure max. filling pressure Ex factory burst load*


    Image detail kraft paper dunnage bag 1-ply

    Image icon containerContainer

    Image icon road LKW

    5 kPa/ 0,05 bar 12 kPa/ 0,12 bar 36 kPa/ 0,36 bar

    * Burst load measured in a gap (in a stow) of 20 cm.

    Maximum widths of gaps:

    Maximum gaps our dunnage bags can fill in depending on the width can be gathered on the basis of the following schedule.

    Width in cm Length in cm Gap in cm
    • 90
    • 120
    • 150
    • 180
    • 225
    • 225

    Flat valves

    Image sales flat valve 1-ply paper dunnage bags

    The reusable and self-closing standard valves were especially developed for our dunnage bags.


    Like every technical product dunnage bags have resilience limits. Therefore you will find notes with the most important parameters on every dunnage bag.

  • What is …

    … a paper dunnage bag?

    A paper dunnage bag consists of three components.

    The first component is an air-filled inner bag (Inliner), responsible for density.

    The second component is an outer bag made of one or more kraft paper layers, responsible for strength: the more layers the stronger the dunnage bag.

    The third component is our especially developed and self-closing valve ensuring an easy filling at high density.
  • Material

    The outer layers consist of semi-extensible kraft paper.

    The Inliner consists of coextruded polyethylene (PE).
  • Additional information

    Dunnage bags were developed at the beginning of the 1970ies as comfortable, easy to handle and cost-saving alternative for securing and stabilizing freight in ISO-containers. They are placed in stowage gaps and absorb dynamic loads during transport through compression.

    An exact analysis of your application (dimensions and weight of freight, carrier, transport routes, climatic conditions) allows us to recommend the ideal dunnage bag with the best cost-saving factor.

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