Load securing for Boxes

Whether you want to forward your cargo goods on land (street – truck, railway – train) on water (container), in the air or even combined you should choose the adequate transport packaging to ensure that the delivery arrives at your customer safely and undamaged.

Inadequate cargo securing load securing

Studies of the German Department of Transportation could show that badly or not secured load is one of the most frequent causes of accidents of trucks. Nearly 70 per cent of trucks on german motorways are badly or not secured at all. As such badly or not secured cargo is one of the most frequent causes of accidents in road traffic. This makes it even more important to know what measures need to be taken for effective load securing. This is the best way to minimize the risks of transport damages and accidents, fines or legal consequences.

Important auxiliaries for load securing crates are:

  • Slip resistant materials like anti-slip mats
  • Lashing straps (pressure ratch or Ergo-long lever ratchet)
  • Edge protectors (metal edge protector KS 90 M)

The competent team of Grönheit & Weigel is happy to support you in choosing the adequate means for load securing and the matching auxiliaries.