Palletization cardboard packaging

For cardboard packaging we would recommend bonded stackings in advance (if possible). In doing this, general cargo is arranged alternately in several bonds making layer to layer overlap each other in a different way. Bonded stackings support load securing.

We would recommend the following products to form transport-safe loading units.

Version 1

Strapping band

Depending on the weight of your product, several types of strapping bands can be utilized for the forming of loading units.

We are happy to advise you with no obligation in choosing the optimal strapping bands for your application.

Edge protectors made of cardboard

Cardboard edge protectors should be utilized to avoid punctual high-load and thus to protect the cardboard packaging against damage.

Loading unit version 2

Shrink film, shrink hoods or hand/machine-stretch film with appropriate µ number can be utilized for securing individual cardboard packagings together on a pallet. Additionally but depending on the stability of the pallet, individual edge protectors made of cardboard and fixed at the edges of the pallet can be used to form a transport-safe loading unit.

The competent team of Grönheit & weigel is happy to support you in choosing the adequate means for load securing and the matching auxiliaries.