Grönheit & Weigel is the most innovative market leader for load securing products in Europe

Innovation in material and production of high-quality products for load securing is our foundation for the most advanced and reliable securing of our customer’s transported goods. Thus, everyday our products prove that advancement helps to make the global transfer of goods more safe and cost-effective than before. We consider load securing as contribution to a sustainable economy and as contribution to protect man and environment.

Our range of products: Load securing for all goods and modes of transport

Our range of products includes devices for securing load in ISO-containers, on trailers and flatracks. Dunnage bags effectively prevent goods from moving in a container. Lashing-systems, lashing-straps and strapping-bands in combination with ratchets, tensioners and strapping tools help to form transport-safe loading units. We provide lashing-straps and strapping-bands in several qualities and measurements and for several areas of application. In combination with hooks and fasteners, goods can be fixed and held together on flatracks, in containers or railroad wagons. Lashing-systems are pre-assembled restraint systems to secure loads by preventing them from falling out of the open container. Further means for load securing are anti-slip mats, roll stop chocks and our Topload stacking protection.

Edge protectors and barrel secures

Edge protectors reliably protect the edges of transported goods as well as lashing-straps and strapping-bands in use. Barrel secures help securing barrels by preventing strapping-bands from slipping off the edge as well as from being damaged by the barrel’s edge.

Grönheit & Weigel: load securing preserves the value of your goods

We furthermore provide a wide range of seals and anti-theft devices for load securing. Indicative seals effectively detect manipulation and high-security seals protect the cargo from theft. Besides the seals, we provide several anti-theft devices like a drawbar lock, trailer door locks or the swap body safeguard.

Feel free to contact our helpful and competent sales reps. We are glad to assist you in choosing the adequate means for your measures of load securing.