Anti-theft devices for the protection of containers and trailers

Our high-quality anti-theft devices protect your freight effectively against unauthorized access. We provide several security solutions for containers and trailers.

Interlocking device

Interlocking devices protect the doors of trailers and/or containers against unauthorized opening. The interlocking device 2fiXX weld protects doors of trailers and/or containers against unauthorized opening from the inside. 2fiXX weld is welded to the door. Our trailer door locks TL-10 and CTL-10 are pushed on the door handle and then locked with their integrated lock cylinder.

Anti-theft devices for containers

Container bolts effectively protect the doors of trailers and/or containers against forcible opening. Our container bolt “Basic” is assembly free and interlocks locking bolts and door handle fast and easy. This anti-theft device is equipped with a high security MTL shackle lock. Our container door lock IR-20 is placed around the door handles and locked sideways with its integrated lock cylinder.

Safeguard for braking system

Our TGH-10 safeguard for the braking system avoids unauthorized connection to the braking system. This anti-theft device is pushed sideways to the release plate and then locked. Its nine-level lock cylinder with 390.000 key combinations reliably protects your goods against theft.

Anti-theft device for king pin

The trailer lock for the king pin avoids theft of a trailer since the king pin is not accessible. The anti-theft device is plugged over the king pin and locked with a key. The screw joints of the king pin are covered automatically. This safeguard is equipped with an ABLOY® lock cylinder.

Swap body safeguard W45

The swap body safeguard W45 of Grönheit & Weigel is inserted into the rectangular notch (corner fitting) under the swap body and locked by a 90 degrees turning of its lower star handle. It is additionally equipped with an ABLOY® lock cylinder.

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