Drum brackets FS 50 PK

Barrel securing FS 50 PK of Grönheit & Weigel

Our innovative drum brackets ensure that strapping bands or lashing straps up to a width of 50 mm fit close to the barrel edge and thus do not slip from it while destabilizing the load. As additional means for barrel securement, they work perfectly in combination with bands or straps to tie barrels down. The angle having a dimension of 64 x (55) x 55 x 32 millimeters.

FS 50 PK for plastic lidded drums

Our drum bracket FS 50 PK was especially designed for plastic lidded drums. They are made of polypropylene which is robust and resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids.

Our competent and friendly sales reps look forward to assist you in finding the appropriate additional means for your barrel securement.

  • Technical specifications

    Dimensions: 64 x (55) x 55 x 32 mm

    The drum bracket FS 50 PK (for bands up to 50 mm width) is suitable for plastic lidded drums.

    Image suitable barrels for drum brackets FS 50 PK

    Image drawing drum brackets FS 50 PK

    Our competent sales staff is happy to assist you in choosing the adequate drum brackets for your application.

  • What is …

    … a drum bracket?

    A drum bracket is an auxiliary for load securing that prevents strapping bands from slipping off the barrel edge.

  • Material

    The polypropylene used for the brackets is solid and resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids.

Application Videos

Image handling drum brackets

Handling drum brackets

Image VDZ certification drum brackets

VDZ Certification
Drum brackets

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