Products by Grönheit & Weigel for the load securing of big bags

Big Bags are flexible containers for bulk material. They are available in different versions, dimensions and materials with different strengths. The load capacity can range from 1000 – 2000 kg, depending on the type of the big bag and the specific weight of the bulk material.

Big bags are made of woven plastics and are reusable. They are applied for the transport of bulk materials in various sectors from the construction materials industry (e.g. for sand) to the seed industry (e.g. for potatoes).

In Germany, big bags have to meet the safety regulations of the Product Safety Law (ProdSG).

During the cargo securing in beaded containers, the strong materials of the big bags prevent them from adapting to the shape of the beads. When softer materials are employed, additional means like e.g. hard boards are needed, which are placed between the goods and the container walls.

In practice, big bags are placed on pallets to build a more practical transport unit e.g. for forklifts. It is important to protect the big bags against damage by the application of lashing materials. As with any other cargo, load gaps inside of the transport carrier have to be avoided when loading big bags, in order to ensure a safe transport. Any resultant gaps should be filled according to the CTU packing guidelines.

Non-slip materials

Non-slip materials prevent the load units from getting out of place. All our anti-slip mats and anti-slip pads have a coefficient of sliding friction of at least 0,6 μ and reduce the number of lashing materials needed.

Two-piece tension belts

Grönheit & Weigel offers two-piece tension belts with pressure ratchet and ERGO-long lever ratchet for load securing. The tension belts reach a pre-stressing force of 300 – 500 daN and have a permitted traction force / breaking load of 2500 daN when strapping down and 5000daN when directly strapping.

Edge protection

When securing load, also the edges of the load have to be protected and supported. Grönheit & Weigel offers a wide range of different edge protectors for load securing.


To protect the strappings and lashings against cutting into the big bags, we recommend pallets as support plates for the reusable belts.