Claw hooks for load securing

Additional means for load securing

Our claw hooks are additional means for load securing and mounted to the anchoring point e.g. the eyes of a carrier. The claw hooks of their locking elements ensures optimal congruence with our lashing straps. As a result claw hooks of Grönheit & Weigel achieve the highest strength, reduce injuries during loading and unloading and preserve the freight’s value. The claw hooks are made of steel and due to its special galvanizing they are protected against corrosion.

Hooks for lashing straps in different widths

Matching our lashing straps we provide these hooks with widths of 35, 40 to 50 mm.

Our competent and friendly sales reps are happy to assist you in choosing the correct fasteners and hooks for your application.

  • Technical specifications

    Type Width Band
    GWH 30 35 mm GW 105 PES 2000
    GW 105 PES 2300
    GWH 40 40 mm GW 150 PES
    GW 200 PES
    GWH 50 50 mm GW 500 PES
    GW 600 PES
    GW 750 PES

    Our competent sales reps are happy to assist you in choosing the correct hooks for your application.

  • What is …

    … a claw hook?

    A claw hook is a mean for load securing that can be hung into the eyes of a carrier.

  • Material

    Our hooks are made of steel. The chromed surface protects from corrosion.

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