Desiccatives by Grönheit & Weigel

Our desiccatives effectively protect your freight against moisture during storing and transportation. Depending on the application we provide two different types of desiccatives.

Desiccative Dry

The desiccative Dry of Grönheit & Weigel protects your goods in a container against humidity. This desiccative can be positioned on the backside of the goods to be protected due to its impermeable film on the back. This proves beneficial if no other mounting option is available. A special fleece, designed for Dry, ensures a high moisture absorption capacity. A mixture of calcium chloride (CaCL2) with modified starch prevents absorbed moisture from leaking out. The internationally acknowledged testing laboratory BSFV in Hamburg/Germany can provide evidence of higher moisture absorption capacity compared to similar products.

Desiccant bags

These reusable desiccant bags protect your goods against humidity. Inside the bag, the biodegradable bentonite ensures the absorption through its cavities like pores. These bags are generally utilized in combination with a layer cover of PE-film or aluminium compound film. The choice of the film depends on the duration of transport, storage periods, temperature fluctuation and humidity during transport. The nature of the bags allows a simple calculation of the number required. Compliance with all DIN-norms and safety of foodstuffs guarantee that our desiccant bags do not pose any risks to the environment or human health.

Our competent sales team is happy to assist you in choosing and calculating the adequate type and number of desiccatives for your application.