Desiccant Dry for container

Desiccant Dry for goods in containers

Our desiccant Dry protects your goods in a container against humidity. This siccative can be positioned on the backside of the goods to be protected due to its impermeable film on the back. This proves beneficial if no other mounting option is available. A special fleece, designed for Dry, ensures a high moisture absorption capacity. A mixture of calcium chloride (CaCL2) with modified starch prevents absorbed moisture from leaking out.

Absorption capacity

The internationally acknowledged testing laboratory BSFV in Hamburg/Germany can provide evidence of a higher moisture absorption capacity compared to similar products. Please refer to the technical specifications for measurements and packaging units of Grönheit & Weigel.

The calculation of material needed depends on the place of delivery, duration of transport and temperature fluctuation.

  • Technical specifications

    Version Measurements (Length x Width X Height)
    6 x 100 g Chain with loop 1000 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm
    12 x 100 g Chain with loop 2000 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm
    20 x 100 g Blanket 1000 mm x 800 mm x 15 mm

    Similar products were tested under extreme climatic conditions in a climatic chamber by BSFV laboratory in Hamburg/Germany.

    Image graph desiccants Dry compared

    The result shows a visible increase of moisture absorption capacity with our siccative dry compared to similar products.

    Our competent sales team is happy to assist you in choosing and calculating the adequate type and number of siccatives for your application.