Dunnage bags as airbags for load securing

Dunnage bags of Grönheit & Weigel are airbags to fill gaps in containers and other load carriers economically. Easybags are placed in loading gaps while they are being filled with air. The resulting forces prevent the load from moving. So they make an important contribution for load securing. Dunnage bags are mostly utilized in ISO-containers and trucks.

GrizzlyBag® Kraft paper dunnage bags

GrizzlyBag® kraft paper dunnage bags consist of an outer skin made of semi-extensible and form-stable kraft paper transmitting the forces of our airbags. The inner skin, called inliner, is manufactured from coextruded polyethylene (PE) and holds the air within the bag. You can obtain our 1-ply GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags in standard sizes (60 x 90 cm to 90 x 225 cm) and 2-ply GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags in standard sizes of 60 x 90 cm to 120 x 225 cm. The strength of the outer skin, having direct influence on the strength of the GrizzlyBag® dunnage bag, varies in these versions.

GrizzlyBag® PP Woven dunnage bag

Our GrizzlyBag® PP woven dunnage bags with an outer skin from robust and environmentally-resistant polypropylene are best suited for heavy load and unfavorable climatic conditions. Our GrizzlyBag® woven dunnage bags are available in standard sizes (60 x 90 cm to 120 x 240 cm) and two versions with differing strengths of the outer skin.

Save over 30% of time spent inflating GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags

With this development you safe 30 – 40 % of time spent on the filling procedure. The specially developed Venturi filling devices guide the air flow into a special chamber, creating a vacuum that aspirates additional surrounding air which is guided through the Venturi valves into the GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags.

Inflating a GrizzlyBag® dunnage bag has never been easier and faster than with the development of Venturi filling devices.

Fast filling devices for GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags

For the fast inflation of our GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags with Venturi valves we offer the filling devices SC100 Venturi, STP100 Venturi and I5055 MegaFlow BASIC. The inflators are suitable for GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags with Venturi valves. The fast filling devices are very easy and effective to use.
In addition, we offer various compressors for the fast inflation of GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags with Venturi valves.

Contact us! Our competent sales team is happy to assist you with analysing the nature of your cargo, the transport mode as well as the expected climatic conditions, thus finding the most appropriate GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags for your individual application.