Akku-compressor GREEN

The comfort equipment Compressor GREEN for filling GrizzlyBag® dunnage bags with Venturi valve. The device comes with a tool bag and some accessories (lithium battery, rapid battery charger, 2 pressure hoses).

The rapid charger is equipped with intelligent electronics. The integral thermal control prevents overheating during charging.
The battery charging time is approximately 45 minutes.

The adjustable pressure range of the Compressor GREEN is 0 – 150 PSI
(max. 150 PSI = 10,3 bar).
The operating voltage is 18 V. The compressor has a weight of 1.28 kg.

The tool bag with an empty weight of 0.75 kg has the dimensions 355 x 203 x 279 mm. The bag is made of high-strength fabrics and has additional smaller pockets. An integrated metal supporting frame provides stability and easier accessibility. The handles and the shoulder belt are made of a sturdy and padded material.

  • Technische Spezifikationen

    Nominal voltage: 18 V / 1,3 Ah

    Air capacity: ca. 940 l / min.

    Suction capacity: ca. 195 l / min.

    Weight: 1,8 kg

    Digital LCD Pressure display and automatic shutdown.

    Sound pressure level L: (pA) = 75 dB(A)

    Uncertainty K: 3dB (A)

    Sound power level L: (wA) = 86 dB(A)

    Uncertainty K: 3dB (A)

    The intelligent electronics of the device protects the battery cells and prolongs their life.

    Scope of supply:

    • Tool bag with carrying handle and belt
    • Accumulator
    • Rapid battery charger
    • High-pressure hose (Länge 711 mm)
    • Low pressure hose (Länge 756 mm)

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