Products for load securing of goods in maritime containers

Applicable for intermodal sea and land transport are the CTU guidelines. These guidelines provide i.a. important information for the packing of cargo in and on cargo transport units (CTU) with all transport modes.

For the prevention of accidents and damages, it is recommended according to the CTU guidelines to stow the goods inside the CTU (Cargo Transport Unit, e.g. a maritime container) in such a way that the load cannot move.

This means that first of all transport-safe load units (e.g. packed pallets) have to be built, which then have to be secured with load securing means inside of the container according to further guidelines.

According to the CTU guidelines, any free spaces between the single load units in the container should be avoided if possible. In case of a mixed load, this often results unavoidable. In such a case, these load gaps can be filled with dunnage bags.

A further important advice to avoid movements of load units inside of containers is to stack lighter load units on top of heavier ones. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the load weight is evenly distributed over the container, considering that the centre of gravity should be located as deep as possible.

Dunnage bags for filling load gaps

Dunnage bags are applied to fill load gaps. The dunnage bag body is filled with air, thus keeping the load in its place. Grönheit & Weigel offers dunnage bags in different sizes, qualities and valves. Next to the new GrizzlyBag® with Venturi valve for fast filling, we offer a selection of filling devices.

Hook and loop coins and EasyCoins by Grönheit & Weigel have proven their worth as aids for positioning dunnage bags in inaccessible places quickly and easily.

Lashings for load securing

For load securing in maritime containers, Grönheit & Weigel offers lashings in different widths, colours and different strengths. The lashings of Grönheit & Weigel show excellent resilience, extremely high tear strength and low elongation. All lashings by Grönheit & Weigel are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

Container lashings und container tarpaulins

Restraint systems protect the load against damage and the loading staff against injury. Container lashings and tarpaulins are pre-assembled restraint systems for containers. Container tarpaulins prevent the goods from falling out of the container when the doors are opened. Both systems are cost-efficient and easy to handle.

Edge protection

Edge protection brackets effectively protect the edges of the load and textile load securing means such as strappings and lashings against damage. We offer a large variety of edge protectors for different application areas, e.g. edge protectors for lashings and edge protectors for strappings.

Container seals

Grönheit & Weigel offers different types of seals, such as container seals, cable seals and plastic seals – there is an appropriate type of seal for every application. All HSS seals are compliant with ISO 17712:2013.

Anti-theft protection for containers, trailers and semi-trailers

Protect containers, trailers and semi-trailers against unauthorized access. Grönheit & Weigel offers a large variety of anti-theft devices for containers, trailers and semi-trailers.

Locking rods and locking bar holders

Ratches and locking beams are used for load securing when stowing the cargo. Like this, the single transport units are protected against shifting, tilting and falling. Thus, locking rods and locking bar holders are an important auxiliary for load securing.

Anti-slipping mats

To prevent the load from moving, Grönheit & Weigel recommends certified quality for anti-slip mats. For cost-efficient load securing, Grönheit & Weigel offers anti-slip mats and pads in various sizes and versions.

Euro pallets

Euro pallets and wooden pallets are an indispensable auxiliary for the securing of loose goods to guarantee a smooth transport. The euro pallets offered by Grönheit & Weigel meet all requirements of the European Pallet Association (EPAL) and other standards and guidelines of the respective transport sector.

Protection against humidity

The desiccative Dry by Grönheit & Weigel protects your goods in a container against humidity. Dry can be fixed inside of the container or it can be positioned directly on the backside of the goods due to its impermeable film.

Lashing material, one-piece and two-piece

Lashing materials made of woven polyester show low elongation and high tear strength. They protect delicate surfaces, absorb very little moisture and are weather resistant and dimensionally stable. Grönheit & Weigel recommends one-piece and two-piece lashing straps and tension belts for the load securing in containers.