Products for load securing of goods on a timber construction

Bulky goods can be formed into a safe load unit with the aid of a timber construction. The condition of the timber construction must be such that it can carry the weight of the cargo. A form-locking stowage of these load units inside of the transport unit is hardly possible. Strappings made of polyester with appropriate tear strength are used to build load units.

Expertise in load securing for 20 years

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Load securing by Grönheit & Weigel

Load securing protects cargo, transport units, persons and the environment against damage or injury during the transportation by land, sea and air.

During transportation, dynamic forces arise which affect the transport unit and the loaded goods. The load securing has to withstand all these forces.

For example, potential acceleration forces during freight transport have to be taken into account.

During railway transport, acceleration forces are acting forwards, backwards and sideways.

On a truck, acceleration forces are also acting forwards, backwards and sideways, but additionally also up- and downwards.

At sea, smooth acceleration is caused by rolling, pitching and vertical movements which are absorbed by the load securing.

In order to ensure that the goods reach their recipient without damage, the use of load securing products is not only prescribed by law, but is also an important contribution to avoid personal injury and material damage running into millions.

Grönheit & Weigel has been a globally successful partner for load securing in and on different transport modes for 20 years. If you search for cost-efficient products for load securing, Grönheit & Weigel is a reliable supplier for load securing systems.

Grönheit & Weigel offers innovative products for load securing for various application areas. Constant controls and close cooperation with the customers enable us to offer a wide range of load securing means and auxiliaries.

GrizzlyStrap® KF composite strappings

Grönheit & Weigel supplies polyester strappings in different qualities, widths and strengths. The polyester strappings are outstanding due to their high tear strengths and low elongation.

GrizzlyStrap® KF composite has a core made of untwisted polyester yarn. The special recipe of the polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound between the polyester fibres of the core and the coating.

GrizzlyStrap® KF composite is available in widths from 13 to 32mm and in strengths from 300 daN to 1500 daN.

Strap2000 HM Hot-Melt WG strapping

Grönheit & Weigel offers Strap2000 HM Hot-Melt WG in widths of 13, 16, 19, 25, 30 and 35 mm. The tear strength of Strap2000 Hm Hot-Melt WG polyester strappings ranges from 375 daN to 1350 daN. The cord structure band absorbs dynamic transport loads due to the elongation and resilience capacity of the material. The strapping is weather resistant and protects delicate surfaces against damages.

Edge protection for goods and strapping

Protect delicate edges of bulky goods and textile strapping by using appropriate edge protection brackets. Grönheit & Weigel offers a wide range of edge protection brackets, e.g. edge protection brackets for strapping as well as edge protection for heavy loads for load securing. Furthermore, we offer tensioners and strapping tools, dispensers and many more products.