Products for the load securing of goods on flatracks

In the year 1999, the CTU guidelines of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) for the packing of transport units were published in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Transport.

According to these CTU guidelines, flatracks are cargo transport units (abbreviated CTU). Flatracks are employed whenever the freight is too large or too heavy to use a standardized ISO container.

Today´s modern flatracks are able to carry goods of up to 50 tonnes. The load is secured by a combination of the securing methods lashing and chocking. Furthermore, the freight and the material used for load securing have to be resistant to environmental influences or to be protected separately.

Polyester lashing

Grönheit & Weigel offers lashings in different colours, widths and strengths. We stock cost-effective lashings in widths of 32,38,40 and 50 mm with linear breaking strengths of 2.000 – 6.000 daN. All our lashings in combination with our buckles are certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The lashings feature low elongation, extremely high tensile strengths and superior resilience.

Compatible with the lashings, Grönheit & Weigel offers buckles and hooks for lashings like GWS 30 DF, suitable for GW 105 PES 2000 and GW 105 PES 2300, and GWS 40 DF, suitable for the lashing types GW 150 PES and GW 200 PES.

Our buckle type GWS 50 DF has a permitted linear breaking load of 5.000 daN and 10.000 daN within a system. It is suitable for the following lashings of Grönheit & Weigel: GW 500 PES, GW 600 PES and GW 750 PES.

The buckle WLS 35 with a permitted breaking load of 1.600 daN (linear) and 3.200 daN (within a system) is suitable for lashings of 32 mm width. The lashing buckles WLS 50 and GWS 50 L are suitable for GW 300 PES.

The hook type GWH 35 is suitable for GW 105 PES 2000 and GW 105 PES 2300, GWH 40 for GW 150 PES and GW 200 PES.

The lashing hook GWH 50 is applicable with the lashing types GW 150 PES, GW 200 PES, GW 500 PES, GW 600 PES and GW 750 PES.

Edge protectors to protect edges and textile lashings

Protect delicate edges by using edge protectors for load securing of goods on flatracks. For load securing, Grönheit & Weigel offers different protection brackets to protect delicate edges and corners. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect the applied polyester lashings. Edge protectors by Grönheit & Weigel prevent lashings from being damaged.

Anti-slip mats to prevent the freight from slipping

Anti-slip mats can be employed for many different applications. By using certified anti-slip mats of Grönheit & Weigel, the coefficient of sliding friction is increased to at least μ 0,6, thus reducing the number of lashings needed. Grönheit & Weigel offers anti-slip mats and pads in different versions and dimensions.