Products by Grönheit & Weigel for the load securing of drums

A brief insight into legal basics of load securing

According to §22 of the German road traffic regulations (StVO), the load has to be packed and secured in such a way that it cannot get out of place in an emergency break situation or evasive movement. The secured loading may not slip, tilt over, roll back and forth or cause avoidable noise. Reference is also made to the accepted guidelines of the technologies to be applied. (e.g.VDI-guidelines 2700 „Load Securing on Road Vehicles“).

Factors for the calculation of load securing are the weight of the loading, the vertical lashing angle, the coefficient of sliding friction and the acceleration factor.

Load securing

During transport, various forces (weight force, inertia force, frictional force, securing force) affect the transported load.

The weight force of the load presses the load onto the load platform of the carrier due to the earth gravitation.

The inertia force (also called mass force or centrifugal force) is the force resulting from a movement change of the mass (load). The load tries to resist the movement change. Everyone knows the slight force pressing you into your seat when accelerating. It is called inertia force.

The frictional force works between the surfaces of the loading platform and the load itself. The so-called micro-toothing depends on the surface structures of the materials (loading platform and load).

The securing force is the force applied to prevent the load from getting out of place, thus leading to damages of the freight and the carrier and to personal injuries.

Form-lock load securing is always preferable over friction-lock securing (for precise details please see the VDI standards 2700 Securing of loads on road vehicles). For form-lock load securing, all load units have to be loaded into the carrier in such a way that no free space remains on any side. Due to the differing sizes, shapes and weights of the load units, this is not always easy to put into practice.

To prevent the load from slipping, rolling or tipping over, several load securing materials are necessary.

Dunnage bags fill load gaps

Dunnage bags are placed into load gaps. By being filled with air, they keep the freight in place. Grönheit & Weigel offers various types and sizes of dunnage bags with different valves. Next to the new GrizzlyBag®, we also offer various complementary products.

Auxiliary equipment for the positioning of dunnage bags

Good auxiliary means for placing dunnage bags in difficult-to-access places are EasyCoins and hook and loop coins by Grönheit & Weigel.

Lashing – an essential tool for load securing

Steel strappings are history
Today, so-called lashings are applied for load securing on flatracks, railway wagons and in containers as a cost-effective alternative. They are available in different widths, colours and breaking strengths.

Restraint systems protect load and shipper

Container-Lashings and container tarpaulins are pre-assembled restraint systems for load securing. Restraint systems are cost-effective and easy to handle. The lashing hooks are quickly fixed to the lash points and prevent, in combination with the appropriate buckles, the load from slipping during transport. Like this, drums are optimally secured against damages. Container tarpaulins protect the shipper against falling out cargo when the container doors are opened.

Edge protection brackets by Grönheit & Weigel

Available in different sizes, shapes and for various applications.

The edge protection bracket Jumbo by Grönheit & Weigel prevents the edges of the load from damage and optimally distributes the pre-tensioning force over a large surface.

Big Red is most appropriate for heavy loads.

KS 90 M, the edge protection bracket metal, resists high pre-tensioning forces and is particularly suitable for the shipping of heavy loads.

The edge protection bracket KS 65 P is suitable for lashings and lashing straps up to a width of 65mm.

Edge protection brackets KS 90 P are applied for lashings and lashing belts for widths of up to 90mm.

Edge protectors made of hard cardboard can be used for various applications.

High security seals and plastic drum seals

High security seals are prescribed by law for overseas shipments. The bolt seals (klickers) are applicable for overseas shipments according to ISO 17712:2013 and are approved for British and US customs. High security seals lock the container doors and efficiently protect from unauthorized opening or manipulations on the container. For each door, one HSS klicker seal is needed.

For plastic containers or drums with lids, we recommend the plastic drum seals Bravo DL Standard and Bravo DS.

Protection from theft

High-quality anti-theft devices protect various transport units (e.g. containers, trucks, swap bodies) against unauthorised accesses. Grönheit & Weigel offers protections for trailers, semitrailers and container doors.

Anti-slip materials

All anti-slip mats and pads by Grönheit & Weigel have a coefficient of sliding friction of at least 0,6µ and reduce the number of required lashing materials.

Desiccants "Dry" for containers

The consequences of too high humidity during transport or storing are corrosion, soaked packagings or even mould infestation.

Grönheit & Weigel offers the dessicant „Dry“ for the use in containers.

DIN 55 473 describes the properties of desiccants specified in dessicant units. One dessicant unit corresponds to around 28g of dessicant. For more detailed information on calculating the adequate quantity of dessicants please consult DIN 55 474.

To protect your goods against humidity, Grönheit & Weigel recommends the exclusive use of dessicant bags complying the DIN standards.

Load securing with lashing belts

Lashing belts are load securing products. There are different types for different applications.

One-piece lashing straps are often used to build load units that are safe for transport.

Two-piece lashing straps are applied for various lashing methods (e.g. diagonal lashing, head loop lashing, combined methods).

Grönheit & Weigel offers one-piece lashing straps with clamp lock, hobby ratchet, pressure ratchet, long lever ratchet and ERGO-long lever ratchet.

Our one-piece lashing straps with clamp lock, hobby ratchet or pressure ratchet in a width of 25mm have permitted traction forces from 500 daN to1.000 daN. Lashing straps with pressure ratchets in the widths of 35, 50 and 75mm have permitted traction forces from 2.000 to 10.000 daN.

Lashing straps with long lever ratchets and ERGO-longlever ratchets reach pre-stressing forces of up to 1.000 daN.

Grönheit & Weigel offers two-piece lashing belts with realizable pre-stressing forces of 300 and 500 daN and permitted traction forces of 2500 daN. The lashing belts are available in lengths of 8 and 10m.