Products for the cargo securing of cardboard packagings

For the load securing of cardboard packagings, various means and auxiliaries for load securing can be recommended. Depending on the transport mode, weight and measures of the load units, different products have proven themselves.

Grönheit & Weigel offers a wide range of products for cargo securing. In particular for cargo securing of cardboard packagings, Grönheit & Weigel recommends polyester strappings and edge protection brackets for palletizing (for building transport-safe load units), and anti-slip materials and tension belts for load securing.

Cargo securing concerns all of us

Regardless if it is a cargo of one parcel and one washing machine or 1000 parcels and 100 washing machines – during transport, neither the goods nor the carrier should be damaged, let alone that persons may be injured.

Therefore, adequate cargo securing is always necessary! For more details please consult §22 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO). Techniques to be applied for load securing can be found In the VDI guidelines 2700 (Load Securing on Road Vehicles).

Safety does not equal safety

Load securing that is deemed to be safe in a passenger car may not satisfy the requirements for load securing in containers, trucks or flat racks.

E.g. for load securing in containers, different products are applied depending on the number of load units. Therefore, to secure the cargo of several containers a day, a larger quantity of cargo securing materials are needed.

According to the VDI guidelines 2700 “Load Securing on Road Vehicles”, form-lock load securing is always preferable over friction-lock securing. The aim of form-lock load securing is to load all single load units onto the carrier in such a way that no free space remains on any side.

The adequate load securing means for every application

Load securing is always associated with hardly calculable costs. To keep these costs at a minimum and guarantee an effective load securing at the same time, products of Grönheit & Weigel are the perfect choice.

Grönheit & Weigel offers auxiliaries and means for load securing for various applications.

Strappings for the optimal building of load units

GrizzlyStrap® Woven polyester strapping shows low elongation and high tensile strengths. It absorbs dynamic transport loads inter alia by the high resilience capacity of the material. In addition, the soft material protects sensitive surfaces and is weatherproof.

GrizzlyStrap® Composite strapping by Grönheit & Weigel is particular suitable for abrasive surfaces and edges due to its high abrasion resistance. The patented production process ensures high tensile strengths at low elongation.

Strap2000 Hot-melt strapping, among experts also referred to as WG-HM strapping, features low elongation at high tensile strengths as well.

Cardboard edge protectors

Cardboard edge protectors, fixed flush to the edges of the pallet with stacked goods, stabilize the whole pallet (load unit). During palletizing, cardboard edge protectors can be applied to reinforce cardboard packagings as well as to protect the edges of the load unit. Edge protectors protect the strapping against damages during transport.

Non-slip materials for securing cardboard packagings

To prevent the cargo from slipping, the application of anti-slip mats is recommended. By using anti-slip materials, the number of applied lashing materials can be reduced, depending on the coefficient of sliding friction. Grönheit & Weigel offers anti-slip materials with an appropriate coefficient of sliding friction.

Lashing straps and tension belts by Grönheit & Weigel

Tension belts are often applied to build transport-safe load units, Grönheit & Weigel offers one-piece tension belts with wedge lock in a width of 25mm and 250daN permitted traction force.

For load securing, different lashing methods are applied (e.g. diagonal lashing, head loop lashing, combined methods). For the mentioned lashing methods, mostly two-piece lashing straps are used. Grönheit & Weigel offers lashing straps for load securing according to DIN EN 12195 – 2.

Whether pressure ratchet, long lever ratchet or ERGO-long lever ratchet, for the application of our lashing belts, no additional tools or auxiliaries are necessary. At any time, it is possible to re-tension the cargo quickly and uncomplicatedly.