Wedge XL – Locking bar holder

Wedge XL™ – Locking bar holder

For heavy containers and rail cars, suitable with smooth walls

The Wedge XL of Grönheit & Weigel is suitable for 4 x 4" square timbers or two connected 2 x 4" squares. The Wedge XLs increase the retention force of the locking bar and prevents the locking bar from slipping.
In addition, the Wedge XL, in conjunction with a security seal, provides effective protection against theft or tampering.

Saves time and money

The use of complex wooden structures is eliminated.

Suitable for the following modes of transport:

  • – Reefer
  • – Container
  • – Box trucks
  • – Railway wagons

  • User manual

    For best results, please read through all instructions prior to installation.

    1. Prepare the surface.

    After loading the cargo, determine the best location for installation. This area should place the Wedges an equal distance from the floor, at a height that allows the beam to be in contact with the freight and allows it to stop the load from starting to move. The entire application area must be clean and dry to ensure proper installation.

    Using a dry cloth, wipe off all loose dirt and dust from the application area.

    Drawing 1 prepare the surface

    2. Apply Wedge XL to the wall

    Remove the backing from one Wedge and place it in the desired application area on the wall. Place the second Wedge in the application area on the opposite wall.

    Drawing apply Wedge XL to the wall

    3. Determine Size of Beam to be Used.

    You may use either a single 4 x 4" or two 2 x 4" beams joined together as a replacement for the 4 x 4". We do not recommend that you use a single 2 x 4" with the Wedge.

    3a) Measure the inside width of the trailer.

    For proper fit and pressure, the 4 x 4" or 2 x 4" should be 3.5 inches shorter than the inside width of the trailer./p>
    Drawing 3a) measure the inside width of the trailer

    4. Insert the beam.

    Place one end of the 4 x 4" (or joined 2 x 4" with the nail heads facing up) into the pocket of the first Wedge XL and rest the opposite end of the beam at the top of the ramp on the second Wedge XL.

    Drawing insert the beam

    5. Complete application.

    The square wood lying diagonally contributes now to the second Wedge XL.

    Drawing note insert the beam Zeichnung 5 Anwendung abschließen

    6. Trailer walls will be pushed outward.

    Proper installation will result in trailer walls expanding outward slightly, as shown at right. When installed correctly, the force and pressure of the 4 x 4" exerted against the Wedge generate an exponential effect of shear strength to the tape backing of the Wedge, making the total unit extremely strong.

    In addition, the utilized hightech adhesive disproportionately increases the restraining forces of the Wedge XL.

    Drawing 6 trailer walls will be pushed outward

    7. Locate Tamper Evident Slot.

    Tamper evident slots are found on the front of the Wedge XL on the upper part of the pocket.

    Drawing 7. close-up locate Tamper Evident Slot Product example cabel seal 2,5 x 200 mm

    Drawing 7 locate Tamper Evident Slot

    8. Pass the seal through both slots.

    Continue the seal above the 4 x 4", completing the loop to meet the opposite end with the latch. Fasten to secure tamper evident seal and pull it tight. This will prevent the 4 x 4" from being lifted out of the pocket. Caution, once the wire has passed through the body of the seal, it locks in place. Make sure to have it in correct placement before closing the seal.


    The following illustrations show two methods for removing the square timber.

    Drawing Wedge XL removal

Application Videos

Image Wedge XL Locking bar holder

Wedge XL
Locking bar holder