Grönheit & Weigel: products for palletizing drums

Products used for palletizing can partly also be applied for load securing in containers or other transport modes. They are distinguished between load securing products and products for building load units.

There is no clear separation between products for palletizing (building a load unit of single packages on a carrier) and for load securing (securing of the freight on a transport unit, e.g. freight containers). While the first product type is mainly used for building load units, the second type reduces the risk of injury when unloading the goods. A third type protects the transported goods from damage.

Definition of palletizing

Palletizing means to build a load unit out of various single packages (e.g. drums) on a pallet as basis.

The packages stacked on a pallet are protected from damage and fixed to the pallet with products for building load units (e.g. strapping, buckles or corner protectors).

The packages are stacked on the pallet in layers, each layer stacked offset to the previous one. The maximum height is determined by the weight (max. load capacity of the pallet) and the size of the single packages (max. height of the transport unit).

The strapping as well as the edges of the load unit are protected from damage by corner protectors.

The corner protectors, the stacked goods and the pallet are fixed to each other by stretch foil or strapping to form a load unit.

Strappings are tightly closed by special metal buckles, the materials of both being compatible with each other in order to reach the highest possible tensile strength.

GrizzlyStrap® PES – woven polyester strapping (CW)

GrizzlyStrap® PES is easy to handle and universally usable for various applications in different transport units (e.g. containers, trucks). The polyester our strappings are made of shows low elongation and a high breaking strength. It is suitable for the palletizing of drums. Grönheit & Weigel offers PES strapping in widths from 13 to 25mm and breaking strengths from 375daN to 1.350daN.

Container awnings minimize the risk of injury when unloading freight

If the cargo inside of a container has gotten out of place during transport, there is a danger of injury. A container awning protects the cargo from falling out of the container when the doors are opened, thus protecting persons and goods.

Phosphatized buckles

For the reliable sealing of GrizzlyStrap® woven strapping, a phosphatized metal buckle is needed. By a special treatment, the surface of this buckle is slightly roughened and is therefore ideal to be applied on woven strapping. Buckle and strapping are a perfect match.

Drum securing with the help of drum brackets – simple and convenient

Drum brackets prevent strappings and lashing belts that are attached to the drum edges from getting out of place. The handling is very simple and fast. The shapes of the different drum brackets allow a solid fit on the drum edge and a proper fixing of the strappings. The lateral elevations of the bracket guide the strapping close to the drum and allow a solid fit on the drum edge. Grönheit & Weigel offers optimal solutions for palletizing drums with various drum brackets for metal drums without clamping rings for strapping widths between 25 and 50mm (P-series), plastic drums and steel bulged drums with clamping rings.

Edge protectors made of cardboard – environmentally friendly

Cardboard edge protectors consist of recycled paper or cardboard. They are used to reinforce cardboard boxes or palletized carton goods. Edge protection brackets protect the edges of the load unit and the strapping from damages during transport and additionally reinforce the whole pallet with stacked goods.

Pallets for palletizing drums

Grönheit & Weigel offers UIC-normed euro pallets and wooden pallets as a basis for building load units that are safe for transport. Our euro pallets fulfil all regulations of the European Pallet Association (EPAL) as well as standards and guidelines of the respective transport sectors.