Container tarpaulins for containers

Protect against falling out of the goods

The pre-assembled container tarpaulins of Grönheit & Weigel are easy to handle and prevent products from falling out of a container when opened. The polypropylene applied for the tarpaulin is robust as well as resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids. The tarpaulin with a size of 2300 x 2300 mm has four tightly sewn wedge locks. Besides the tarpaulin, four straps of 3500 mm length and 25 mm width and equipped with snap hooks are included in the delivery.

Material polyester

The straps are made of polyester with low elongation and high rigidity. The material is extremely tear proof and water-repellent. Metal parts like wedge locks and hooks are protected against corrosion due to galvanizing.

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  • Technical specifications

    Type Technical specifications
    PP 150 Image drawing container tarpaulins PP 150

    4 x 25 mm belts including snap hooks

  • What is …

    … a Container tarpaulin?

    A container tarpaulin is a pre-assembled additional means for load securing that avoids the load falling out when a container is opened.

  • Material

    The polypropylene (PP) applied for our container tarpaulin is robust and resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids.

    The belts are made of polyester which has low elongation is shape retaining and has a high tear strength.

    In contrast to natural fibers, polyester absorbs very little moisture.

    The wedges and hooks are resistant to corrosion through galvanizing.

Application Videos

Image container-awning handling