Dispenser AF Lashing

Mobile lash dispenser AF Lashing

The mobile dispenser type AF Lashing of Grönheit & Weigel has especially been designed for professional use.

Lash dispenser AF Lashing

Due to its solid design, it meets the requirements of modern logistics procedures.

Our dispenser type AF Lashing is equipped with two metal side disks and a strap brake.

The metal side disks prevent the strapping from slipping sideways.

The strap brake prevents superfluous decoiling of the strapping.

  • Technical specifications

    Type: Dispenser AF Lashing mobile

    Storage tray for buckles and tensioner.

    Equipped with a strap brake and two metal side disks.

    Powder-coated and with signal-red varnishing for a good visibility in all working environments.

    Suitable for all lashings with widths from 32 to 50 mm.

Application Videos

Image tensioner and dispensers

Tensioner and dispensers

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