Dispenser for PET / PP

Movable dispenser for PET and PP strapping

The movable dispenser PET / PP of Grönheit & Weigel was especially developed for the use of plastic straps.

PET / PP dispenser

Its robust construction is suitable for the high demands of modern logistics processes.

Our dispenser type PET / PP is equipped with two metal side plates, an inner band brake, band guide and a storage compartment.

The metal side plates prevent lateral slippage of the belt.

The band brake minimizes the running of the straps.

  • Technical specifications

    Type: Dispenser PET / PP

    Storage compartment for buckles and tensioner.
    Equipped with an internal band brake and two metal side plates.

    Powder coated in a red signal color for high visibility in all environments.
    Suitable for all plastic straps (PET / PP) with an inner core of 406 mm.

    Image exploded dispenser PET / PP

    Pos Artikel-Nr. Benennung Stück
    1 ** Strap Dispenser, Weldment 1
    2 CB198 Washer, .500 Flat 5
    3 GA1008 Wheel 2
    4 GAA1010 Brake Arm, Weldment 1
    5 CB179 Washer, .375 Flat 2
    6 CB821 Nut, .375-16 Nyloc 1
    7 GA1014 Retainer, Dtrap 1
    8 GA1017 Brake Block 1
    9 GAA1018 Disc, Rear, Weldment 1
    10 GA1023 E-Ring, Ø.750 shaft 1
    11 GA1018 Disc, Rear 1
    12 GA1024 Wing Nut, 1.125-12 1
    13 GA1016 Cap 1
    14 GA1013 Spring, Brake 1
    15 GA1009 Cap, Axle, Ø.500 2
    *16 GA1015 Spring, Strap Retainer 1
    *Not Shown
    **Not a service item

Application Videos

Image tensioner and dispensers

Tensioner and dispensers

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