Polyester strapping for load securing

Strapping refers to the process of forming loading units utilizing strapping bands. Grönheit & Weigel provides strapping bands with different strengths, widths and for different fields of application. The strapping bands are available in the materials hot-melt, composite and woven.

GrizzlyStrap® PES Woven

The GrizzlyStrap® PES is made of polyester has low elongation and is highly tearproof. We provide our strapping bands with a width of 13 mm and a traction force of 375 daN up to a width of 25 mm and a traction force of 1.350 daN. The strapping made of polyester fabric stands out due to its universal applications and easy handling.

GrizzlyStrap® KF Composite

The core of strapping band GrizzlyStrap® KF consists of untwisted polyester yarn, produced in a manufacturing process patented . Due to this the band reaches higher strength and lower elongation. The recipe of polypropylene coating guarantees an optimal bond with the band’s polyester fibres. At the same time it is resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids. GrizzlyStrap® KF Komposit is due to its abrasion protection well suitable for use on rough surfaces and edges.

GrizzlyStrap® HM Hot-Melt WG

Cord structure bands made from polyester have been used successfully for decades in the load securing in different industries. GrizzlyStrap® HM Hot-Melt WG is available in a width of 13 mm and a traction force of 375 daN up to a width of 38 mm and a breaking force of 2.000 daN. GrizzlyStrap® HM Hot-Melt WG is especially suitable for sensitive edges and surfaces.

Bale press strapping

The bale press strapping is made of woven polyester (PES and HM) and spooled on a pivotal of 60 mm. The bale press strapping is available in widths from 9, 13 an 16 mm and with lengths of 250 to 500 meters.

Our competent sales team is happy to assist you in choosing the adequate strapping bands and lashing straps for your application.