Goods refrigerated containers or reefer containers

Provisions of the IMO and CTU packaging guidelines temperature-controlled cargo

These containers, called CTUs (Cargo Transport Unit), in which the container is the load of a carrier, are especially designed for temperature-controlled cargo (food in refrigeration and deep-freeze containers (reefer containers), chemical products that must not fall below or exceed certain temperatures or similar). Within the container there are special provisions of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and CTU packaging guidelines that require securing of load against falling out when doors are open.

The forming of transport safe loading units is a base of greatest importance for reasonable and beneficial load securing.

Logistick products

The lack of anchor points is a characteristic of these types of containers that hampers the application of lashing methods or even makes them impossible. Thus adhesive logistick products for usage of wooden dunnage in combination with anti-slip mats and dunnage bags are applied for load securing in these containers.

Manipulation-safe high-security seal

After loading and securing the load in refrigerated containers it is sealed with a manipulation-safe high-security seal. This sealing is required for customs. As an alternative for sealing, the container can also be interlocked with a container bar that protects goods not only against damage but also against theft.

The competent team of Grönheit & Weigel is happy to support you in choosing the adequate means for load securing and the matching auxiliaries.