Logipad lock rod holders

Logipad™ – lock rod holders

For light and heavy-weight cargoes

The Logipad of Grönheit & Weigel increases the restraining force of the locking rods and prevents slipping off this. In addition, the Logipads, in combination with a security seal, offers effective protection against theft or tampering.

Saves time and money

The use of costly wooden structures eliminated.

Suitable for the following carriers:

  • – Box trucks
  • – Sprinter
  • – Reefer

  • User manual

    For best results, please read through all instructions prior to installation.

    1. Prepare the surface.

    After loading the cargo, determine the best location for installation. This area should be in a position that the Logipad set is equal distance from the floor, at a height that allows the beam to be in contact with the freight and to stop the load from starting to move. The entire application area must be clean and dry to ensure proper installation. Using a dry cloth, wipe off all loose dirt and dust from the application area.

    Drawing 1 prepare the surface

    2. Determine placement position.

    Position load lock against the freight and press the pad at the desired placement position and height then mark center position of load lock pad on the wall.

    Drawing 2 determine placement position

    3. Apply first Logipad.

    Remove the tape backing and place the Logipad on the wall with the Logipad centered over the mark made in Step 2. Press firmly to apply the Logipad securely to the wall. Insert stationary end pad of load lock into adhered Logipad. You may use any steel load lock.

    Drawing 3 apply first Logipad

    4. Apply second Logipad.

    Place the second Logipad on the telescoping or ratcheting end of load lock and remove adhesive backing from the Logipad. Slide telescoping end of load lock while maintaining contact with the freight until Logipad makes contact with wall in position on the opposite wall from the first Logipad. Make sure that the load lock is level. Press firmly on Logipad to adhere securely.

    Drawing 1-4 apply second Logipad

    Drawing 2-4 apply second Logipad

    5. Complete application.

    Ratchet load lock to apply maximum outward pressure to Logipad and trailer walls. Make sure ratchet is locked or secured to ensure that wall pressure is maintained.

    Drawing 5 complete application

    Drawing Logipad in truck

    6. Optional tamper evident slot as a protection against manipulation.

    To use a tamper evident security seal, make sure it is sufficient in length to pass through both slots. Pass seal through both slots and continue the seal underneath the load lock completing the circle to meet the opposite end. Fasten or secure tamper evident seal. This will protect your cargo against hidden effective theft. A quick glance and you can detect a theft or manipulation of the cargo immediately.

    Drawing 6 optional tamper evident slot as a protection against manipulation

    Removal process.

    If tamper evident seal was used, remove the security device first. Release pressure from load lock and slide the load lock out of the Logipad slots. Place crowbar in the removal slot located on the bottom of the Logipad (as seen in diagram to the right) and pry upward and away from the wall until the Logipad is removed. We recommend using a citrus based adhesive remover to clean the excess adhesive.

    Drawing Logipad remove

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