Cable seals, plastic seals and bolt seals protect your precious cargo

You will find an extensive range of different kinds of security seals here. Grönheit & Weigel provide seals for all significant applications. Our seals are suitable for use on containers during transport by truck to other modes of transport or for the sealing of valuable cargo. All seals are manufactured according to the highest security and quality criteria. Our container seals and cable seals fulfill all necessary Sealine-Standards and are suitable for a wide range of applications. We only provide seals that have all necessary certificates and have successfully passed tests in our own laboratory. Every manipulation and attempted theft is impeded with our high quality, high-security seal or simple plastic seal. Our products protect your goods during transport or long idle times. They will give you the necessary degree of trust and security.

Bolt seals for containers

Our bolt seals are high-security seals. They do not only indicate but also avoid every attempt of manipulation. These seals correspond to ISO 17712:2013. Our HS container seal GRIZZLY © has a customs authorization for the UK and US customs. The HS container seals have supplied number labels for shipping. (RSS label) This container seal corresponds to the ISO 17712: 2013 (E) and has a 22 mm core made of carbon steel.

Cable seals for container and truck

These seals are suitable for containers and trucks. Our High-security cable seal Tango is available in two versions. The version with aluminum body, 3,5 mm diameter steel cable and 300 mm length has an average tensile strength of 1.250 kg. The other version with aluminum body has a Ø 5,0 x 250 mm steel cable and an average tensile strength of 1.400 kg. Our Tango for containers, trucks and train carriage cable seals are available in different versions with 1,0 to 3,2 mm diameter and with lengths from 180 to 300 mm.

Plastic seals

Our pull up seals from the Samba series, suitable for textile and PE security bags, clinical waste, messenger services, bank services and air cargo are available in various types. Our plug security seals Julia and Romeo are suitable for shipping boxes, containers, storehouses, wagons, trucks, swap bodies, plastic containers, roll containers and barred boxes. G&W plastic barrel seals are applicable for plastic drums, plastic containers, metal drums and containers.

Wire seals

These seals are applicable for containers, electric meters, gauges, consumption meters, balances, fuel pumps and fire extinguishers. Our wire seals are available in different colors and can be personalized with name, logo or barcode.

Adhesive security tape

Due to its high adhesive strength, this tape can hardly be removed from cardboard packagings. Since residues remain on the packaging when the tape is removed, manipulations are immediately visible.

Please contact our competent and cooperative sales team. We are always glad to assist your search for adequate seals for your applications.