Securing your load is our core business

Do you want your core business to be the focus of your work?

Have you ever thought about leaving things which are not your core business to others?

Then our product overview can assist you to discover your optimisation potential!

Concentrate your resources on your core business!

As a specialist for load securing, we concentrate on saving time and reducing costs for you!

Consequently, you will be able to react faster to the requirements of the market!

About us

The Grönheit& Weigel GmbH was founded in 1996th.

  • We sell innovative load securing products worldwide.
  • We advise and actively support you in taking and applying value-saving measures.
  • We create the conditions for protecting your goods against all kinds of transport damage by individual solutions.
  • We show you ways to protect your goods effectively against mechanical and climatic transport stresses.
  • During your transport we can guarantee prevention of endangering people and the environment. We offer you services in theory and practice.
  • We plan dispatch solutions according to your requirements.
  • We design virtual dunnage bags for your containers. We demonstrate our products on the spot and train your staff.
  • We offer you competent and straightforward support.

For these reasons, Grönheit & Weigel, as system provider for packaging and supply-chain solutions, is your ideal partner.

Our vision

  • We will be leading in sustainable management!
  • We will be leading in our actions, so that it will always meet the highest economic and ecologic standards!
  • We will be leading in offering the best possible benefit to our clients!

Our facts and figures

  • Ralf Grönheit
  • Holger Weigel
  • Thorsten Seuren

  • Krefeld, NRW, Germany

Product area:
  • Load securing devices
  • Transport packaging
  • Protective packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Heavy cargo packaging
  • Loss-prevention products