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  • Your Load Securing is our Product

    Founded in 1996, Grönheit & Weigel has become THE supplier for load securing worldwide. Learn more about us here!


    Our Target

    Many competitors in the market limit themselves to manufacturing or selling already established load securing products. Unfortunately, innovative developments to meet the dynamic requirements of users often take a back seat to the pure profit motive, so that efficient load securing can only be carried out at great financial and logistical expense.

    However, the philosophy of Grönheit & Weigel is to be able to offer every company a customised solution to its problem and thus to react individually to customer needs. This solution-oriented approach requires our employees to have precise knowledge of the customer’s situation and means that our customers participate in new developments and the results of the most advanced technology.

    Our Way

    • We distribute innovative load securing products worldwide.
    • We are at your side with advice and action to initiate and apply value-preserving steps.
    • We create the conditions to secure your goods against all types of transport damage through individual solutions.
    • We show you possibilities to protect your goods effectively against occurring transport stresses.
    • We ensure your transport safety in order to exclude hazards to people and the environment.
    • We offer you services in theory and practice.
    • We plan shipping solutions based on your requirement profiles.
    • We develop virtual stowage plans for your containers.
    • We present our products on site and train your employees.
    • We offer you competent and uncomplicated support.

    Your Profit

    Don’t you want to put your core competence at the centre of your work? And haven’t you already considered leaving things that are not part of your core business to others? Then let’s discover your optimisation potential together! Concentrate your resources on your core products! As a specialist in load securing, we focus on saving time and reducing costs for you! So that you can react faster to the demands of the market!

    As a system supplier for packaging and supply chain solutions, Grönheit & Weigel is your ideal B2B partner!

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