Grönheit & Weigel recommends the following products for palletizing cardboard packagings

There are numerous products for the palletizing of cardboard boxes. Basically, products for cargo securing are distinguished between means for load securing and auxiliaries for load securing.

Means for load securing are applied for direct load securing on the carrier (e.g. containers, trucks, iron-barred boxes).

Lashing belts, anti-slip mats, anti-slip pads, restraint systems, dunnage bags, locking beams and lashings are examples for means for load securing. Some of them are prescribed by law, their properties being subject to specific standards and regulations.

Auxiliaries for load securing are products that are applied for building load units, e.g. edge protectors, stretch film, tensioners, dispensers, buckles, strappings and desiccants.

The aim of palletizing

The aim of palletizing is to build transport-safe load units (transport units). A load unit must not move during transport (on trucks, flat racks, containers). In case of an emergency braking or an evasive movement, the load units may not slip, tilt, roll over, roll back and forth or cause avoidable noise. A transport-safe load unit is the result of palletizing single goods on a load carrier (pallet).

There are several standards and regulations to be applied for palletizing. For more details, please consult the CTU packaging guidelines.

The basis for palletizing is the pallet as transport carrier. A frequently used carrier is the standardised Euro pallet.

Ideally, the whole transport unit (goods and pallet) forms a stable cube without protruding edges on any side. The single piece goods have to be stacked in entire vertical layers.

Composite stacking means to stack the single goods in layers offset to the previous layer.

Half layers or single remaining packages may not be placed on top of the pallet, since the top layer has to be flush with the edges of the transport unit.

Cardboard packagings are also subject to standards. These packaging standards (DIN, ISO, EN) include measures, material and resistance against mechanic and climatic influences.

The loaded pallet is one of the smallest transport units. A container or a swap body is a large transport unit.

Grönheit & Weigel offers products for palletizing cardboard packagings

The products of Grönheit & Weigel contribute to building transport-safe load units. Cardboard packagings basically differ in size and thickness, determining among other things the applied auxiliaries for load securing.


Stretch film, shrink film and shrink hoods reinforce the bond between the pallet and the stacked goods, the load unit thus gaining stability.


Depending on the weight of the entire load on the pallet (load capacity), there are different strappings to be applied. Grönheit & Weigel offers the following strappings for manual processing or balers in different breaking strengths and widths:

  • GrizzlyStrap® PES Woven
  • GrizzlyStrap® KF Composite
  • Strap2000 HM Hot-Melt-WG
  • PET
  • PP


The possible fields of application of edge protection brackets are numerous and range from the stabilization of single cardboard packagings to the entire load unit. Brackets protect the freight and the strapping against damage.

Edge protection brackets made of cardboard are often applied against too high point loads and / or for the protection of the edges of the entire load unit.

Grönheit & Weigel holds the appropriate edge protector for every application area.

Desiccatives by Grönheit & Weigel

Grönheit & Weigel recommends the desiccant “Dry” to protect the goods and the load unit from the climatic effects inside of containers (e.g. condensation water). Desiccant bags effectively protect your goods against humidity according to the DIN standard.