GrizzlyStrap® woven strapping

Polyester strapping

Our woven strapping band GrizzlyStrap® PES is made of polyester. Due to its material characteristics it has low elongation, is highly tearproof and absorbs very little moisture. Furthermore it can be retensioned in case of volume loss in packaged goods and has a high breaking load, linear and within the system. We provide our woven strapping band with a width of 13 mm and a traction force of 375 daN linear / ca. 525 daN within a system up to a width of 25 mm and a traction force of 1.350 daN linear / 2003 daN within a system. GrizzlyStrap® does not splice, is flexible and universally applicable.

Phosphated metal clamps for height strengths in the system

Thanks to the roughened surface of the metal clamps, the phosphated Closures achieve higher system strength than galvanized locking clips.

Tensioning devices and strapping

Grönheit & Weigel has clamping devices for fabric tapes up to a width of 50 mm. The discount strapping tool H / T 22 is suitable for tapes up to 19 mm. The tensioner T S25 is suitable for strapping up to 25 mm. The clamping devices S40 and S40 T S tension fabric belts up to 40 mm. For 50 mm wide straps Grönheit & Weigel provides the clamping devices S50 S and S to 50 HD U. The pneumatic strapping tools (PneumoCord and PneumoCord RV) tension bands with widths 10-32 mm.

Our competent sales team are happy to assist you in choosing the adequate GrizzlyStrap® PES strapping band and the matching accessories.

  • Technical specifications

    Band Width in mm Buckle Type Linear tear strength in daN System strength in daN MSL in daN Coil in m
    GW 40 PES 13 BF 4 375 ca. 525 263 1.100
    GW 50 PES 16 BF 5 450 ca. 630 315 850
    GW 55 PES 16 BF 5 600 ca. 840 420 600
    GW 60 PES 19 BF 6 580 ca. 810 405 600
    GW 65 PES 19 BF 6 750 ca. 1.050 525 500
    GW 75 PES 19 BF 6 1.100 ca. 1.540 770 400
    GW 85 PES 25 BF 8 / BF8FS 1.000 ca. 1.472 736 500
    GW 86 PES 1200 25 BF 8 / BF8FS 1.200 ca. 1.848 924 500
    GW 86 PES 1350 25 BF 8 / BF8FS 1.350 ca. 2.003 1.001 300

    Our PES Strapping bands are by default spooled on a pivot of 76 mm.

  • What is …

    … strapping?

    Strapping denotes the process of forming loading units utilizing a strapping band.

    For details, please refer to VDI guideline 3968:

    Securing loading units

  • Material

    Polyester has low elongation is shape retaining and has a high tear strength.

    In contrast to natural fibers polyester does absorb hardly any moisture.

    Polyester belongs to the strongest plastic strapping products and is utilized as alternative to steel strappings since decades in many industries.

  • Certificates

    Image logo Germanischer Lloyd

    GW 85 PES
    Image certificate GW 85 PES buckle BF 8
    Buckle BF 8
    GW 86 PES 1200
    Image certificate GW 86 PES 1200 buckle BF 8
    Buckle BF 8
    GW 86 PES 1350
    Image certificate GW 86 PES 1350 buckle BF 8 FS
    Buckle BF 8 FS

Application Videos

Image strapping structures

Strapping structures

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