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  • Preventive Load Securing

    Theft protection for freight has become a major issue in recent years. According to the EU,  companies lose more than 8.2 billion euros annually due to the theft of high-value and high-risk products and goods in transit. And protection against freight tampering is also playing an increasingly important role in the supply chain. Last but not least, transport fraud near the border has also come increasingly into focus.

    Our high-quality products protect your cargo against manipulation and freight theft. They help to reduce losses in the international supply chain. That’s why we have a wide range of anti-theft devices available for you. Protect trailers, semi-trailers and container doors with preventive load securing.

    Door locking devices

    Container locks and trailer locks are an effective protection for cargo compartment doors with door bars. The lock is placed around these door bars. Depending on the design, multi-way locks are secured with an integrated lock cylinder or a high-security shackle lock. One-way locks, on the other hand, are usually locked with lock seals or bolt seals. They can then only be opened with the help of suitable tools such as a cut-off grinder. If no bars are available, mechanically fixed (screwed or welded) door locks are used.

    Door locking devices

    Semi-trailers & Swap bodies

    Semi-trailers are trailers that transfer part of their weight to the axles of a tractor unit, to which they are connected via a fifth-wheel plate including kingpin. Here, a kingpin safety device protects against unauthorised access. A drawbar lock also helps against theft.

    A Swap body (Swap container, Swap platform, Swap box) is an exchangeable load carrier that can be separated from the carrier vehicle – similar to an ISO container. Here, a Swap body securing device protects against theft. Hooked into the corner receptacle and locked, it prevents a chassis from driving underneath and thus prevents the swap body from being picked up by unauthorised persons.

    Trailers, Semi-trailers, Swap bodies

    Get in touch with us! Our competent sales staff will be happy to analyse the nature of your load together with you and thus find the optimally suitable anti-theft device for your specific application.