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  • Powerful Load Securing

    Dunnage bags for securing loads made of PP fabric or Kraft paper are placed in gaps in the load. Filling the dunnage bag with air prevents the load from moving. In this way, the dunnage bag makes an important contribution to protect your cargo. These bags are mainly used in containers, but increasingly also on trucks.

    We offer different types of Dunnage bags in a wide range of dimensions. Whether it’s the GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag with innovative quick filling or the classic dunnage bag with silicone valve – you decide which Dunnage bag you want.

    Dunnage Bag Application


    Fast. Faster. GrizzlyBag®

    Newly developed Filling devices direct the air flow into a special Venturi-adapter. The negative pressure created there draws in ambient air via openings and blows it additionally into the GrizzlyBag® when filling the dunnage bag.

    This innovation saves you 50 % time during the filling process.

    GrizzlyBag® 2.0 PP STANDARD

    Our new AAR-certified GrizzlyBag® 2.0 dunnage bag is no longer sewn, but welded! This achieves higher strength with a lighter fabric. The use of less raw material reduces costs and CO2 emissions.



    GrizzlyBag® PRIME Stausack PP-Gewebe STANDARD

    GrizzlyBag® PP STANDARD side filling

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bags with side filling allow easy filling with air even in places that are difficult to access. This ensures easy access to the valve, especially in narrower loading gaps. Material and equipment correspond to the usual good quality of our STANDARD Dunnage bags.

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag PP-fabric STANDARD side filling

    GrizzlyBag® 2.0 PP HEAVY

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bags HEAVY are designed for medium to heavy loads. The outer cover made of PP fabric is extra strong to withstand high forces during transport. The usual easy handling of the dunnage bag remains just as guaranteed as the advantages of the quick filling system.

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag PP-fabric HEAVY

    GrizzlyBag® PP HEAVY 3D

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bags 3D are a special variant of the HEAVY Dunnage bag. They are not only optimally suited for medium to heavy cargo, but also for particularly large loading gaps. The outer cover is made of the same extra strong PP fabric as the normal HEAVY Dunnage bag. Here, too, the quick-fill system ensures reliable safety in the shortest possible time.

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag PP-fabric HEAVY 3D

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage Bag Kraft paper 1-PLY (single-layer)

    This GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag has an outer cover made of dimensionally stable Kraft paper. This makes it easy to position the dunnage bag in the loading gap before filling. The single-layer (1-PLY) version is ideal for light to medium loads. These Dunnage bags also use the proven quick-fill system.

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag Kraft paper 1-PLY (single-layer)

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage Bag Kraft paper 2-PLY (double-layer)

    If medium to heavy cargo has to be secured, the double-layer (2-PLY) version of the GrizzlyBag® is ideal for this purpose. The additional Kraft paper not only serves to improve handling, but also to better protect the inliner and thus the transported goods. And all this with consistently fast filling!

    GrizzlyBag® Dunnage bag Kraft paper 2-PLY (double-layer)

    Filling Adapters & Compressors

    Of course, we also carry the necessary equipment. For example, we offer various Filling Adapters for filling our Dunnage bags. These are not only easy to handle but also efficient in use. Our range also includes various Accumulator Compressors for fast, mobile filling.

    Filling adapters & Compressors

    Get in touch with us! Our competent sales staff will be happy to analyse the nature of your load together with you and thus find the optimally suitable Dunnage bag for your specific application.