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  • Cost-efficient Load Securing

    Apart from Ratchet straps, anti-slip mats are the most frequently used means of securing loads. They reduce the number of lashing straps needed by increasing friction. In this way, the anti-slip mat efficiently saves costs and prevents damage to the cargo and vehicle. And the availability in different dimensions and formats makes them easy to use.

    The mats are made of a rubber-polyurethane composite, a combination of rubber granulate with polyurethane binders. They are highly resilient and temperature resistant over a wide range. According to DIN 53571, the anti-slip mats have a tensile strength of at least 0.60 N/mm² and an elongation at break of at least 60 %. They can be reused until they are ready to be discarded.

    They are also resistant to sodium chloride and weak alkalis and acids. The cavity part of the rubber mats can absorb impurities and moisture from the loading surface of the transport carrier, which also prevents reductions in the coefficient of sliding friction. In addition to the friction-increasing effect, the mats are vibration and sound insulating as well as impact and shock resistant. Thus, depending on the application and thickness, they are suitable for both large and point contact areas.

    Care tip

    Thanks to the robust material, the anti-slip mats can be cleaned quickly and easily by vacuuming, washing (with a high-pressure cleaner if necessary) or by shaking them out.

    Anti-slip mat Coils

    This variant of the anti-slip mat allows the user to individually determine the required length of the anti-slip underlay. One variant, with a length of 13.6 metres, is even already adapted to the dimensions of semi-trailers.

    Anti-slip mat Coils

    Anti-slip mat Pads

    This second version of our anti-slip mats are cut-to-size pads that can be placed quickly and easily under the load.

    Anti-slip mats Pads

    Get in touch with us! Our competent sales staff will be happy to analyse the nature of your load together with you and find the most suitable anti-slip mat for your specific application.