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  • Flexible Load Securing

    Foil for load securing (stretch foil) is usually made by extrusion from polyethylene (PE). Its main feature is its ability to be wrapped around objects and flexibly adapt to their shape. Typical film thicknesses are in the range of less than 0.1 millimetres. The tensile strength is between 20 and 300 N/mm², depending on the material, but often varies longitudinally and transversely to the direction of extrusion. Plastic film can be dyed in different colours. If, on the other hand, the foil is completely transparent, it is also referred to as transparent film.

    Advantage foil

    Stretch foils are extremely tear-resistant and stretchable. They are environmentally friendly (recyclable polyethylene film) and are ideal for easy bundling, securing and picking. The fast pallet securing not only protects against dust and moisture, but also against theft. Unlike shrink films, there is no heating of sensitive goods.


    Hand wrapping foil

    A frequently used special form of hand stretch foil is the Hand wrapping foil (bundle stretch foil) for internal goods traffic. As a rule, light packages do not require complex securing. Hand wrapping foil can be used as an alternative for quick stretching. However, it is also excellently suited for bundling ring goods, pipes and long pieces.

    Handy wrap foil

    Hand stretch foil

    The hand stretch foil is wrapped around the packed pallets by hand. A firm connection is created between the pallet and the goods. This prevents the goods from tipping or slipping during transport. Elasticity and tear resistance are the quality features of our foil. It also protects against moisture, dirt and dust, but still allows a view of the goods and makes it easier to read the attached barcodes.

    Hand stretch foil

    Get in touch with us! Our competent sales staff will be happy to analyse the nature of your load together with you and thus find the optimally suitable foil for your specific application.